This next campaign will begin production as soon as I finish “The Tower of Druaga” story. I am very excited for this one. A lot of twist and turns are heading your way. Stay posted for updates for I will be working on both campaigns simultaneously.

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The world of Terra is divided up into 8 different continents each ruled by a different race and government. You live in the Kingdom of Urik, a part of the Human Empire, in the capital city of Rozon. You have been separated from your parents at the age of 5 for an unknown reason and forced to live behind the palace walls due to King Edwin’s orders. Though you are forced to live behind the palace walls the king has some mercy and allows you to visit your parents from time to time. But while living in the capital city you have been looked after by the king’s advisor Barnabas III who has taken the role of your father. Thanks to him you have received a great education and combat training something your peasant parents could only dream of giving you. One of the maids, Martha has been your nanny growing up. She was not able to have children and therefore to fill the void, she considers herself your mother. Even though you have lacked contact with the outside world a small reputation has fallen on your groups. The “Royal Orphans” is a nickname given to you by those living within the city and palace.

Now your 20th birthday is not too far off and you feel a change is quickly approaching. There has been talk of sending the “royal orphans” on business to other areas of the kingdom without supervision. Excitement fills your soul to finally get out of the boring city of Rozon and venture to new lands…But why now, why 15 years later. Why has the king all of a sudden allowed the “royal orphans” to leave unsupervised to other cities? Before you were accompanied by a guard everywhere you went within and out of the palace walls. What is in store for the future? There was a reason you were separated from your parents and sheltered behind the palace walls. Why you and not the other kids in the village? As your birthday quickly approaches your questions will be answered and your life will radically change.

Reign of the Right Hand

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